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Innovative and Compassionate Health Care

Each patient is unique, and our caregivers’ knowledge of innovative treatments is enhanced by their compassion for patients and their families and their devotion to maintaining the highest standards of care.

The Johnson Associates Systems Orthotists evaluate and design orthoses (braces), and fit those needing protective support or correction due to muscle or bone impairment, disease or deformity. They work to restore mobility and to prevent or limit disability.


Our orthotics service provides assessment, advice and intervention for children and adults who have foot, lower limb and gait problems, and supportive difficulties.




The health benefits of our orthotic devices can include improved independence, improved mobility and pressure relief.

Our Orthotist provide assessment advice and intervention for children and adults who have foot, lower limb and gait problems and

supportive difficulties. 


 What our Orthotist do.


Our Orthotists provide splints and orthosis that enable patients to improve their functional abilities. That may include custom made orthoisis and commercial off-the-shelf products.


Our service includes the provision of custom made shoe orthotics and mainly lower limb orthotic devices, as well as surgical stockings, splints and surgical collars and specialist support/compression stockings and corsets. 

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What can you expect from our Orthotists?


Our orthotist individually assess all patients and provide appliances to meet their needs.

All patients will have a full biomechanical evaluation of needs, and as a result advice will be given.

In some cases the patient may have no need for orthotic intervention and may be given advice regarding footwear and positioning


If a device is required, we will design a device specific to the patients' need. This process may involve measurements being made, impressions being taken or a plaster cast being made. They will then offer another appointment to fit the device and give instructions for wear.


The options of orthotic prescription may include the following:


  • Splints for the foot and ankle /splints of the legs

  • Special stock and custom footwear and adaptation's (both custom and stock)

  • Heel pads, simple inlays, special insoles and  shoe raise

  • Helmets

  • Abdominal and spinal corsets,/ trusses

  • Callipers/braces

  • Custom made compression stockings and pressure garments

Custom Foot Orthotics

JASystems utilizes a wide array of technologies to insure pertect-fitting Orthotics. Order yours today!

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